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Updated to January 2020 Syllabus Release.

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  • ITIL 4 is built on Best Practice which provides a practical and flexible approach to drive the world of digital transformation to embrace an end-to-end operating model for the delivery and operation of products and services. ITIL 4 also provides a holistic end-to-end picture that integrates frameworks such as Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps.
  • The ITIL® (4) Foundation course is a 2-day classroom room based on the exam specifications supplied by AXELOS. The objectives of this course is to help the candidates understand the key concepts of service management and the ITIL 4 service management framework and better prepare for the ITIL® (4) Foundation examination. In addition to the course we offer a rich learning experience that helps the participants understand ITIL 4 and relate ITIL to their own work environment. This rich learning experience is supported by additional learning tools such as pre-course reading materials, post-course reading material, and assessment tools such as the award-winning Champions.

The course is made up of 7 modules, and is broken down as follows:

Course Outline: Module 1: Concepts of service management
Recall the definition of:

  1. Service (2.3.1)
  2. Utility (2.5.4)
  3. Warranty (2.5.4)
  4. Customer (2.2.2)
  5. User (2.2.2)
  6. Service management (1.2)
  7. Sponsor (2.2.2)
  • Describe the key concepts of creating value with services (2.1, 2.2, 2.5) including all subsections):
  1. Cost
  2. Value
  3. Organization
  4. Outcome
  5. Output
  6. Risk
  7. Utility
  8. Warranty
  9. Service offering
  10. Service relationship management
  11. Service provision

Module 2: Adopt and adapt service management

  • Describe the nature, use and interaction of the guiding principles (4.3, 4.3.8)
  • Explain the use of the guiding principles (4.3):
  1. a) Focus on value (4.3.1)
  2. b) Start where you are (4.3.2)
  3. c) Progress iteratively with feedback (4.3.3)
  4. d) Collaborate and promote visibility (4.3.4)
  5. e) Think and work holistically (4.3.5)
  6. f) Keep it simple and practical (4.3.6)
  7. g) Optimize and automate (4.3.7)

Module 3: The four dimensions of service management

  • Describe the four dimensions of service management (3):
  1. a) Organizations and people (3.1)
  2. b) Information and technology (3.2)
  3. c) Partners and suppliers (3.3)
  4. d) Value streams and processes (3.4-3.4.2)

Module 4: Service Value System (SVS)

  • Describe the ITIL service value system (4.1)

Module 5: Service Value Chain (SVC)

  • 1 Describe the interconnected nature of the service value chain and how this supports value streams (4.5)
  • 2 Describe the inputs, outputs and purpose of each value chain activity:
  1. a) Plan (4.5.1)
  2. b) Improve (4.5.2)
  3. c) Engage (4.5.3)
  4. d) Design & transition (4.5.4)
  5. e) Obtain/build (4.5.5)
  6. f) Deliver & support (4.5.6)

Module 6: The ITIL practices

  • In this module participants should be able to recall the purpose and definition of the marked areas below.
  • *Note that to avoid doubling of content the topics Change and Service desk are in module 7.
  • Recall the purpose of the following ITIL practices
  • Recall definitions of the following ITIL terms

Module 7: The ITIL practices in detail

  • As noted from module 6, the following modules candidates will be learning
  • Recall the purpose of Change control (5.2.4) & Service desk (5.2.14)
  • Recall definitions of Change Change (5.2.4)
  • In addition to the above dot points, we delve deeper to help candidates to understand:
  • Explain the following ITIL practices in detail, including how they fit within the service value chain:
  1. a) Continual improvement (5.1.2,) inc: The continual improvement model
  2. b) Change control (5.2.4)
  3. c) Incident management (5.2.5)
  4. d) Problem management (5.2.8)
  5. e) Service request management (5.2.16)
  6. f) Service desk (5.2.14)
  7. g) Service level management (5.2.15)

Target Audience:

The ITIL® (4) Foundation course targets candidates in the IT and business domains who wish to take first steps into service management. Previous candidate that are familiar with earlier versions of ITIL and/or other sources of industry best practice and wish to learn about ITIL 4 will also benefit. This course and the related certification can be beneficial for the following roles:

    • IT Service Management
    • Operations and Incident management
    • IT Change & Release management
    • IT Supplier & Vendor management
    • Business Analysis and Design
    • Business analysts & Service desk analysts
    • IT Architects
    • Development
    • IT Project & Programme Management
    • Risk and Compliance
    • Information Security management

Learning Objectives:

  • At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the key concepts of ITIL service management.
  • Understand how ITIL guiding principles can help an organization to adopt and adapt ITIL service management.
  • Understand the four dimensions of ITIL service management.
  • Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system, and activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect.
  • Understand the key concepts of continual improvement.
  • Learn the various ITIL practices and how they contribute to value chain activities

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Course training schedule:

Module#Module name
IntroductionIntroduction to ITIL
Module 1Key concepts of service management
Module 2Adopt and adapt service management
Module 3The four dimensions of service management
Module 4Service value system (SVS)
Module 5Service value chain (SVC)
Module 6The ITIL practices
Module 7ITIL practices in detail

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